Useful Information

  • Business cards now lead to websites.
  • Having a professional online presence is absolutely essential for the spread of your brand.
  • In order to be easily accessible to potential clients or employees, a company must have expanded onto the Internet.
  • Unfortunately it takes much more than a Facebook page to reach the top of Google's search list.
  • To better serve your clients it's important that you have a convincing and complete online presence to support your first impression.
  • One of the most effective elements is demonstration and proof of experience. More experience means your brand is more reliable and desirable.
  • resume that is easily rehed and easily understood will not only improve your client’s faith in you, but will also make it easier for them to recommend you to others.
  • There are three main steps for planning your website: audience, purpose and context


  • Before beginning to create your brand you must identify the core demographic you are trying to reach.
  • All aspects of your brand should be tailor made to reach your target audience.
  • This includes logo, business attitude and types of promotion (business cards or twitter feeds for example).
  • In order to sell yourself to your audience you need to understand them.


  • A fully realized purpose is what makes a site understandable and work.
  • If goals are set before a site is created and building blocks are established, the growth and evolution of a website will be more smooth and organic.
  • Context

    There are key questions you must ask yourself to establish this:

    • What are your intentions for the site?
    • Is it going to be more than one directional or just information?
    • Do you want to sell products or services through your site? If so there are steps one must go through to establish the credentials to be considered a vendor.
    • Becoming a verified merchant involves paying for a separate security

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