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I have known Igor for some years now but just recently started having him do some work for me. May I say it has been a pleasure doing business with such a competent, eager, intelligent, completely professional reliable man. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Igor Spektor.

Sequoia Pacific Const Co
323 424-7462
CA Lic# 730322

"Igor's pics are sweet! They have a unique look to them that really stands out." "Great experience! Very professional, great price, and I loved the finish product!"

Thanks man Brandon
Sent from Brandon's bunker

Igor Spektor has been a photographer for our events for over a month. He is very dedicated to his job, punctual, and professional. He always provides suggestions and is always open to suggestions on how to improve certain elements of the events. Igor puts in a lot of time into post processing of the photos after the event for best quality photos to be published on our website. Photos are delivered in a timely fashion after each event. Igor is very flexible with the scheduling of our events which has been a problem that we faced before with other photographers in the past.

Alex Ratushnyak
The Reunion Parties

Igor Spektor, is one of the most prolific photographers I've had the pleasure of working with. He shows up eager and ready to shoot. His work is at the top of his game, and he's growing everyday. I've had the honor of having shoot behind the sense on my shoots, he's never let me down and the photos have been incredible. I would always give Igor first refusal of my jobs, he is a wonderful artist, but that is nothing compared to the person he is. Thanks for always being there. your friend.

Tommy Carell Augustus (Smashbox Photographer)

"Igor is the Mercedes Benz of photography - working with him is smooth, comfortable and enjoyable. From the minute he steps in, there is a firmness derived from knowledge and experience. Igor is a perfectionist and his work is outstanding. He cannot be intimidated or derailed, we put ourselves in his hands and he was as a firm as a locomotive and as smooth as a Mercedes Benz. Quality and class, that is all that need be said. Thank you Igor for a very enjoyable ride"

Gabrielle Alexandra

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