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Business Branding

Business Branding creates a unique identity for a company and for the products it sells. Innovative business branding allows a company to stand out among the competition and creates a brand identity that is easily recognizable by the customers, potential new hires, and business partners.

It's a striking logo and pitch that makes you stand out in a clients mind as the only solution to what they want, but these are only two components of an effective business brand.

Brands are found in print media:

Web Media:

And in person:

  • a logo
  • business cards
  • flyers
  • pamphlets
  • signage
  • posters
  • websites
  • Facebook Pages
  • twitter feeds
  • business listings
  • online directories

  • you

Confidence and self promotion are also very important elements of any business or ambition. Dedication to utilizing and maintaining all the tools outlined above are especially important to the success of your brand in the digital age.

Visual design

Visual Design is definitely one of the most important aspects of a company. At Ispektor, we are dedicated to creating cohesive and cutting edge designs for your projects. Our talented team will partner with you to ensure that your product is not lost in the myriad of mediocre marketing campaigns but will attract attention because of the quality and exclusivity of the visual design.

Web Optimization


Although dial-up modems are now considered to be ancient history, sometimes we still find a web page that just does not want to load or takes a long time to load. This can be very frustrating and, as we know, time is money. Technology does not stay in one place, it is always improving, and so does our company. We make sure the images that we pick for your designs are high quality and have a shortest download time. We use our knowledge and industry experience to make sure that we use technology like Flash, HTML, and Java appropriately in order to create a colorful and eye pleasing experience without jeopardizing the speed and integrity of a website.

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